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Remember the days of the lamington drives? Those were the days! Mums spending endless hours in their kitchens baking to help raise funds for their children or for many other different types of ventures.

These days fundraising plays very important part for many people for many different reasons. For some its sporting events for children, schools for equipment or functions, a humanitarian cause, or to even help strangers.

We are by nature giving people and when we don’t have the money ourselves to give a helping hand, the next best thing is fundraising. That’s what we are here to help you with.

Gem Candles is a product that everyone can enjoy. The are a lovely item for someone to buy themselves or an excellent unique idea to give away for gifts. Everyone will love to buy a Gem Candle, or two, and help you raise money for your chosen cause.

Chocolate drives! Great idea, cheap, everyone loves chocolate, but they are easy to dip into, eat one here and there and then at the end you find you owe much more than you intended to buy!

With Gem Candles, you simply ask your friends to order their candles by filling out their details on our Fundraising Order Form, and pay you for their order. There is no stock for you to carry around to sell. There is no buying up front so you end up risking being out of pocket if you don’t sell everything you bought.

Once you have compiled all your orders, you simply fax us your orders and we will invoice you for your records and await your confirmation on the order. Once we have your confirmation you will be required to pay for the candles up front at the full price, which you already have because everyone has pre-paid for their orders.

We will then process your order, and when we send you the delivery we will also include a refund donation cheque to you, minus postage and handling, to you.



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HOW MUCH DO YOU MAKE? Gem Candles are very generous as we understand how hard fundraising can be, and how important fundraising is needed for your cause. With this in mind, Gem Candles will give you $9.95 from the sale of each candle (minus postage and handling deducted from the final fundraising refund)

HOW DO YOU ORGANISE A FUNDRAISING DRIVE WITH GEM CANDLES?  Organising your fundraiser is easy. Contact us with information about your fundraiser, we will need the organisers details and we will send or email an application to you. Once your fundraising event has been lodged with us and confirmed we will send you fundraising sheets. You hand out as many sheets as possible and get everyone to fill them with orders (each sheet holds 25 orders). You set a time frame for orders. We suggest a maximum of 2 weeks to allow people to get orders and forms back to you.

OTHER FUNDRAISING INCENTIVES TO HELP YOU RAISE FUNDS We also give FREE candles to your organisation based on their overall sales quantity of Gem Candles, these can be given away as incentives or used in raffles or other fundraising events held by your organisation. 


  • Fundraising isn’t hard, you just need to remember to spread the word to everyone. Does a relative work in a factory or in a business that has a lot of staff? Ask if they will take a sheet into work for you and ask people to order. Keep in mind what day people get paid. Get them to take the sheet in early in the week and collect their orders payments at the end of the week on the day everyone gets paid.
  • Take your sheet to your church or ask a friend/relative who attends church to take a sheet on your behalf.
  • Do you have a hobby or something you do every week where groups of people meet? Yoga class, gym class, mothers group, children’s sport training.

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