Sponsorship Opportunity

What is a Fundraising Sponsor?

Gem Candles is offering other businesses the opportunity to be able to get their businesses in front of many other people they would not be associated with, without all the usual massive costs involved that is spent getting brand awareness in other places like business expo’s or getting product samples out to a mass audience at a fraction of the usual costs doing such marketing. Most times these types of marketing is kept local and the ability to get your product, brand or even just name awareness outside your local community can be hard.

Gem Candles Fundraising Sponsorship Program has the answer for you! 

How does it work?

Our fundraising program is very diverse from those who only fundraise online; through to those who hold actual events such as trivia nights or breast cancer luncheons, through to fundraising golf days!

The organisations and groups who fundraise with Gem Candles are far and wide and the people who attend or organise the functions are also very diverse.

Because we love helping communities, we are helping them get people to their functions and events with your help. Win-Win!

You can choose a sponsorship package that suits your budget.  Packages start from a small contribution of 50 items up to 1000’s. The choice is yours.

When organisations fundraise with Gem Candles, we offer them the opportunity to receive gift bags with the items supplied from our sponsors, and receive your business inclusions and material FREE of charge via us. What you supply us is up to you.

Check out our amazing sponsors and see what awesome items they have to offer our fundraising event holders to put into our FREE giveaway packs!   CLICK HERE.

For more information and to receive our Sponsorship Information Package, please contact us via the button below. You will receive the information to your inbox automatically so please check your emails after sending the form.