Annette Hamilton

What is your opinion of our Fundraising Program? The candle I received had a beautiful ring in it, no idea of worth but I love it. The best thing about the candle though was the fact it kept its smell thru the whole burn. It was as strong at the end as it was when first lit. I do find a lot of candles seem to loose thier effectiveness as far as smell have way thru so was very pleased that the gem candles did not do this.
Fundraising Star Rating:5


What is your overall opinion about our product? Most excellent
Product Star Rating: 5


What is your overall opinion about our customer service? Emails were answered quickly
Customer Service Star Rating: 5


What would you say to someone when giving them a recommendation about Gem Candles? They have great scents, lasting smells and the suprise is fun
Overall Star Rating: 5


Please mention three[3] other features you liked about the product or service: The way the candle was presented was lovley, the smell that kept going and the service was wonderful
Scale rating 1 – 10: 9