Darren Schoof

What is your overall opinion about our product? The use of these candles as a massaging wax is very cool, because the wax is already warm. It also doesn’t leave a greasy layer on the skin. However, the scents can be a little overpowering, and smell very artificial. This does detract from the enjoyment of them. The added jewellery is a nice touch.
Product Star Rating: 3

What would you say to someone when giving them a recommendation about Gem Candles? Good for building intimacy
Overall Star Rating: 3

Please mention three[3] other features you liked about the product or service: Included jewellery. Warm wax for massages Easy carry tin

Would you like to add anything else? Would be more likely to buy more if there were more natural scents.

Scale rating 1 – 10: 6