Karen L

What is your opinion of our Fundraising Program? Personally haven’t done the fundraising but I’m hearing such much wonderful service about it. Keep up the beautiful work.
Fundraising Star Rating: 5

What is your overall opinion about our product? I absolutely love the candles simply to die for, and lil jewel inside is just a bonus. They smell AMAZING!!!! Not to mention massage oil ladies. Makes my skin feel soft and smell great.
Product Star Rating: 5

What is your overall opinion about our customer service? Fast deliveries. Great service. Lovely members.
Customer Service Star Rating: 5

What would you say to someone when giving them a recommendation about Gem Candles? No candle like it. Yes there are heaps of candle brands out there that might smell good, but nothing compared to gem candles. They offer a beautiful jewel to melt any ladies heart. Massage wax …. Hello boys.
Overall Star Rating: 5

Please mention three[3] other features you liked about the product or service: Great service Amazing candles Just AMAZING again!

Scale rating 1 – 10: 10