Leesa Pink



What is your overall opinion about our product? It was totally thrilling to use my “Gem Candles” … They smell absolutely delightful and are so much fun to use as a massage oil … This product is what you need to have for a real romantic night!!!

What is your overall opinion about our customer service? Staff always acknowledged emails and queries in the most courteous & timely matter 🙂
Customer Service Star Rating: 5

What would you say to someone when giving them a recommendation about Gem Candles? That its not only great for a ‘romantic night’ but awesome to treat yourself to a night of indulgence with the candle oil 🙂
Overall Star Rating: 5

Please mention three[3] other features you liked about the product or service: It’s fun to wait for your piece of jewellery to show itself, it makes your skin glow and it also leaves the sweetest smell swelling around you after using it 🙂
Would you like to add anything else? One of the most fun products I have ever used 🙂

Scale rating 1 – 10: 10