Rebecca Soric

What is your overall opinion about our product? The candles smell divine, and very long lasting. I received a cute little pair of earrings, which I wear a lot! I love the tins and lid. I keep my candle in the bathroom, and the lid protects it from water, bugs, aerosols, etc.
Product Star Rating: 5

What is your overall opinion about our customer service? Fast and friendly!
Customer Service Star Rating: 5

What would you say to someone when giving them a recommendation about Gem Candles? Lovely Australian made product and great value.
Overall Star Rating: 5

Please mention three[3] other features you liked about the product or service: Doubles as massage oil Huge range of scents I haven’t used the products for fundraising, but it’s a great alternative to chocolates/cakes/pie drives

Scale rating 1 – 10: 10